Immersion, Garaku

Feel the sound of nature and enjoy it’s blessing.
Forget about time, celebrate life.
Entrust your body to the living water,
the moon dwells in a clear heart.



Immerse into rooms with impeccable attention to detail.
Release everything and breathe.


Immerse into the overflowing bounty of Toyama’s blessings.
The breath of life abounds, and runs through the body to satisfy with joy.


Spending time in art, immerse into sensitivity.
The creation of the soul speaks quietly and becomes
the afterglow of a vivid journey.


Soaking in the hot spring water of Kasuga warms from the core of the body.
Become one with nature while being surrounded in the silence of Jinzu River.


Slow your walk and breathing. A variety of different spaces
will make time at Garaku special.