Immerse into Aroma

The tradition and essence of the medicine town, Toyama, lives on.
Great care was taken to install a space with the fragrance of Japanese essential oils
extracted from the forest where Tateyama’s rich mountain water runs through.
Garaku’s spa treatment starts with “The Sound of Orin”
and gives a deep peace that enfolds the five senses.

Flow of treatment


Your therapist will ask you to complete a counseling sheet about your physical constitution and your physical condition on that day. Please let your therapist know if you suffer or have suffered from any conditions or have any areas of concern.


All hand spa treatments using essential oils will be prepared specifically for your body condition and preferences.

Post Treatment Counseling

Relax and enjoy the afterglow with a cup of herbal tea in the Hanadama Counselling Room.

Equipment of

AROMA SELECT(Kamiichi town)

Toyama, renowned for its exquisite natural water, extracts essential oils from forest resources supplied by the rich water of Mt. Tateyama. In cooperation with the local forest association, while promoting the use of domestic and prefecture -produced timber and working on the preservation of the forest environment, we produce Japanese essential oils in a sustainable system. We produce the deep fragrances of nature such as Tateyamasugi(Tateyama Ceder) which is the prefectural tree of Toyama, or Kuromoji(Spicebush) etc.

HERBAL8 (Toyama city)

In May 2021, HERBAL8, Inc. founded in Toyama City, Japan. We propose natural fragrance, organize events, and develop products. And we grow fragrant plants such as Shiso (Perilla frutescens) grown in Toyama Prefecture.

Kyujo Orin <Yamaguchi Kyujo Co., Ltd.>
(Takaoka city)

Founded in 1890 in the town of Takaoka, where copperware is a traditional craft, the sound of Kyujo Orin quietly wraps up people's hearts. The sounds have “1f/fluctuation” that induce alpha brain waves, generating a feeling of comfort. Analysis by Japan Acoustic Lab has shown that there is a healing effect in this special sound.

Johana Silk <Matsui silk weaving Co., Ltd>
(Nanto city)

Matsui silk weaving Co., Ltd., was founded in 1877. Silk fibers are made of amino acids similar in composition to that of human skin. It is said that, of all fibers known to man, silk causes the least amount of stress on the skin. Silk contains those necessary ingredients that make it so luxuriously gentle on human skin, and like the silkworms ability to be reborn in its cocoon, we hope that human beings can be restored to their natural power.

Small glass bottles <Toyama Glass Studio>
(Toyama city)

Toyama glass, once popular, originated from the pharmaceutical bottling manufacture industry. The glass artists living in Toyama produce each artwork with true heart.

Onsen/Hot spring
Hot spring qualities : sodium chloride spring

Immerse into the natural hot spring waters that gush forth from the land of Kasuga while gazing upon the water and surrounding greenery of the Jinzu Gorge. High levels of a warm moisturizing effect inhibits cooling of the body after a hot bath. The private outdoor bath before the treatment promotes blood circulation and maximizes the benefits of the essential oils.


Garaku’s original deep massage treatment uses emotion and symptom specific herbal
essence oils to directly and precisely target muscles. This treatment
enhances natural healing
by creating peace between the three elements of Ki (energy moving through the body),
Chi (blood fluid work, nutrient elements) and Mizu (body fluids other than blood).



GAKANRAKU Special Treatment

Herbal Steam Treatment + Body + Head 110mins ¥29,000

GAKANRAKU Body & Herbal Steam Treatment

Herbal Steam Treatment + Body 75mins ¥22,000


Body + Head 65mins ¥18,000


Body + Head massage 90mins ¥27,000
Back + Stiff Parts 60mins ¥20,000
Back 45mins ¥16,000

※Including consumption tax.


Gently massage both mind and body with this spa treatment using 100% natural essential oils
extracted from the rich nature in Toyama. Please enjoy this deeply relaxing time filled with
the beautiful aroma that will relax and unwind both body and mind.




Body + Head massage 80mins ¥24,000
Body 60mins ¥19,000
Stiff Parts 40mins ¥15,000


Body + Head massage 60mins ¥17,000

※Including consumption tax.


Other treatments such as reflexology focused on below the knees are also available.


10:00 ~ 23:00

(If you make a reservation at 22:00pm, you can only take a course for 60 mins.)



Intestinal Therapy ※women only

Back + Stomach + Decorte +Head 60mins ¥17,000

Body treatment & Shirodara

90mins ¥29,000

Foot treatment

Helps restore inner tiredness, energizing through the legs (also called the second heart) to the entire body with a treatment from under the knee.

Reflexology 40mins ¥7,000

OptionIt’s possible to add with other courses.

Head massage
Massage a scalp using essencial oil
20mins ¥4,000

※Including consumption tax.

Spa Treatment Room

Surrounded by natural colors, lush wood grains, and the soothing sounds of Orin,
the peaceful atmosphere of the treatment room is the perfect place to feel totally relaxed
and ready for the massage treatment of your choice.
The spa has 3 treatment rooms, gentlemen are welcome.

Private Open Air Bath

The treatment room has its own private open air bath. Immerse into the luxurious,
natural spring waters of Kasuga Onsen and enjoy views of the Jinzu river.

Hanadama Room

This is a relaxing room for women only. Enjoy time with a cup of herbal tea
and Garaku’s original dried fruits after the treatment.

If you wish to have a spa treatment, we highly recommend making a reservation in advance.
Depending on availability same day reservations are accepted.
Please feel free to contact us. We recommend that you check in 10 minutes prior to your appointment.
This allows time for a brief consultation before your treatment and getting changed.
After treatment, please feel free to use the Spring Day Spa and hot spring.

Please let us know in advance if you are regularly seeing a doctor or if you have an allergy.
Also, those who are pregnant or who have a skin disease cannot take a treatment.
※Those who are menstruating cannot take an outdoor hot spring.