Privacy Policy

Privacy statement

Given the importance of information security and the protection of personal information in the advanced information and communications society, River Retreat GARAKU shall endeavor to appropriately manage and protect information in its possession in accordance with the policy stated hereunder.

Purposes of use of personal information

Personal information obtained from customers is used for below.

  1. Notifying the customers of confirmation of reservation
  2. Confirming the contents of the reservation for accommodation to the customers
  3. Certifying customers who have canceled a reservation
  4. Finding out a customers’ usage histories
  5. Providing information on events and services of our hotel
  6. Analysis to improve our service
  7. In the case to need to identify customers requiring hotel service

Personal information management

Personal information is protected and managed based on below.

  1. Although the information may be held for an indefinite period, its use is limited to the above purpose and protected under a strict control system.
  2. We manage personal information obtained from customers appropriately, and do not disclose personal information to a third party except in the following situations.
    ・After receiving consent from the guest.
    ・To an outsourced business which provides a service requested by the guest
    ・When disclosure is required by law
  3. We ensure that our employees have complete control over the information and take extreme care to prevent leakage to third parties.
  4. We take appropriate security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.

Any change about the handling of personal information

If there is any change in the content of personal information handling by our hotel, we will announce on the relevant page of this website.


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