Soil, water and wind

Cultivate the sprouting treasures of the four seasons in Toyama.

In harmony with nature’s blessings,

a sense of place finds its truest expression reflected

on a plate born here and now

About Trésonnier

For a chef, encountering such flawless ingredients is akin to unearthing a Trésor
(treasure). Partaking of the very best cuisine at optimum periods of the Saisonnier
(season) is an absolute inspiration and joy. To truly cherish and respect such
“Trésonnier (Seasonal Treasures)” is the essence of this establishment.


Our chef interacts with nature to create an unrivaled dish with selected ingredients and
carefully selected dishes. Here is a dish that transforms without being constrained by style,
like the transitions of the mountains and the sea. Please enjoy this moment of exhilaration
where the magnificence of nature resonates in your body.



Prix fixe menu


Gastronomy Course


This course features dishes crafted with seasonal Toyama ingredients, meticulously chosen by our chef.


(Open: Saturday,Sunday,National holiday.)
11:30~ / 12:00~

¥6,600 / ¥16,000

※If you cannot eat wild game meat, please let us know at the time of the reservation.

※Including consumption tax and service fee.


Determining the best moment when the vitality of the ingredients overflow. Our chef himself
visits the producers, has a feel for the season and a dish that can only be conceived and
tasted at this point in time. We also value the richness of nature and the food culture of
Toyama, and seek out dishes that satisfy both mind and body everyday.


We always visit these places of craftsmanship and immerse ourselves into the creators’ feelings in the creation
of our dishes. We value the nature and food culture of Toyama, and will offer ingredients such as wild game meat and wild vegetables.

A warm wooden decor, and where art works give additional sense of color.
Revel in this moment when the creation of food and beauty overlap.


Ippei Tanaka

Born on October 25, 1985 in Osaka Prefecture, he enjoyed cooking from an early age and, in his late teens, had aspirations to be a French chef. In 2010, he was involved in the launch of the French Restaurant at River Retreat Garaku in Toyama. Followed by about a year of training at a French restaurant in Kyoto. In2019, he became the sous chef of “L’evo” In2020, he became the chef of Trésonnier.


Dinner 18:00~
Lunch(Open: Saturday,Sunday,National holiday.) 11:30~ / 12:00~

Reservations can be made up to one day in advance