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Garaku’s Spas and Saunas

Pamper yourself in Garaku’s luxurious indoor and outdoor spa facilities. The natural hot spring water gushing from the local Kasuga area, which feeds our spas, is very mild to your skin.

  • Open Air Bath
  • Onsen
  • Onsen2

Garaku has a spacious spa area with both indoor and outdoor sections. The open air bath area has natural woods, a beautiful red rock lined pool, and stunning views of the Jinzu River as you relax among the artfully placed trees.

Spring Day Spa

Spring Day Spa

The spring fed Day Spa is a tranquil space where you will feel like you want to stay forever, forgetting time.


Garaku has two types of sauna. One is a mist sauna where fine mist will moisturize your skin. The other sauna is a dry sauna which helps you sweat so you come out refreshed.


Jacuzzi Bath

In our large Jacuzzi, the embracing flow of the elegant carbonated spring water and the stimulating effect of the tiny bubbles will improve your blood circulation. The stiffness of your body will melt away.


Open Air Bath

The open air bath using natural hot spring waters overlooks the banks of the Jinzu “Path of the Gods” River. Each of the four seasons offers a different engaging view, from the bright greens of spring and deep greens of summer, to the intense fall colors of autumn, to the delicate white highlights of winter.

Open Air Bath
The “Hanadama” Relaxing Room

The “Hanadama” Relaxing Room

In this serene space, decorated with thousands of Akoya pearl oyster shells which reflect seven different colors of light, you can relax peacefully to soft, comforting music.

Hot stone room

Our hot stone beds use maifan stone ('bakuhanseki' in Japanese), a mineral rock which has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as selected radium ore, to produce infrared and negative ions for a positive hormesis effect. This treatment will leave you relaxed, healthy, and glowing with beauty. Reservations are needed to use this facility.