Feb.27, 2020 (Thu)

French Restaurant Trésonnier Open

Soil, water and wind

Cultivate the sprouting treasures of the four seasons in Toyama.

In harmony with nature’s blessings,

a sense of place finds its truest expression reflected

on a plate born here and now

About Trésonnier

For a chef, encountering such flawless ingredients is akin to
unearthing a Trésor (treasure). Partaking of the very best cuisine at
optimum periods of the Saisonnier (season) is an absolute
inspiration and joy. To truly cherish and respect such “Trésonnier
(Seasonal Treasures)” is the essence of this establishment.


Ippei Tanaka

Born on October 25, 1985 in Osaka Prefecture, he enjoyed cooking from an early age and, in his late teens, had aspirations to be a French chef. At the age of 24, together with Mr. Taniguchi of “L’evo” , the Garaku River Retreat French Restaurant in Toyama, was involved in the launch of this restaurant. Followed by about a year of training at a French restaurant in Kyoto, he gained experience under Mr. Taniguchi in “L ’evo” again when he was 30 years old. At the age of 32, he became the sous chef of “L’evo”, and at the age of 34, became the chef of Trèsonnier.


Dinner(Closed: Wednesday) 18:00~ / 19:00~

Reservations can be made up to one day in advance